Expert Consultant for International Tax Law


German Tax Law

The German Tax Law is among the most complex in the world.

Excellent contacts with the tax authorities, as well as to luminaries in the different areas of tax law, plus the support of highly qualified employees permit me to  work efficiently with short communication paths.

In the case of conflict,  I prefer a solution-oriented approach  in the interests of the client –so  far as it helps-, to avoid time-consuming and costly proceedings in the  presence of the Tax Courts.

These turn up as necessary and inevitable, I am as an experienced attorney personally at your  side.

Tax structurring advice
  • Continuous  tax advice for companies and individuals to reduce the overall tax burden
  • Regular review of existing structures of companies with the aim of optimizing taxes
  • Advice regarding legal form prior to the establishment of companies
  • International tax law for companies and private individuals
  • Acquisitions / sales  of companies
  • in corporate disputes
  • Testament structure  and succession planning
  • Tax optimization of donation contracts
  • Expertise and  opinions on tax issues
  • Advising nonprofit organizations, limited liability companies and foundations
Continuous tax advice
  • Preparation of tax returns and advance tax returns
  • Examination of tax demands
  • Conduct  of out-of-court appeals
  • Representation before the Tax Court
  • Support for tax audits
Annual statements of account and bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll  accounting- "all round" service
  • Preparation and interpretation of meaningful business evaluations
  • Support for your company through regular business- assesment - meetings
  • Preparation of net-income calculation


Of course, my employees and I are at your service  in all other areas of tax law available, so that we can guarantee a comprehensive and most probable optimal representation of interests.

International Tax Law

My offices focus is direct to cross-border tax advice for private individuals and companies - inbound / outbound.

Here I refer to a network of cooperating tax consulting offices in respective countries.

Consulting in International Tax Law
  • International tax law for companies and private individuals
  • Consulting and continuous fiscal support by foreign companies, which have permanent establishments  or subsidiary firms  in Germany
  • Advice to domestic companies that are cross-border working abroad
  • Convention on Double Taxation
  • Investment income from abroad
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax in the case of foreign
  • Extended  limited tax liability
  • Change to unlimited tax liability (Zuzugsfall= case of influx)
  • Change to limited tax liability (Wegzugsfall= case of move away)
  • Tax advice for tax foreigners with national income (limited tax liability)
  • Tax structuring in an international context
  • Support for audits with questions about International Tax Law
  • In particular D-A-CH expertise, Canada, UK
  • And others on issues of the Crypto world, the Digital Economy, the art market, the maritime industry

Gift and inheritance

In addition to the tax planning the range of my services extends from donations, anticipated corporate succession, as well as the consequences in the event of death-in the context of conflicts connected with come into an inheritance--also compatible with the profession of  tax consultant activities as executor, as trustee and as supplementary  person to be ordered by the Family Court.

Companies and establishment of companies

I will accompany my clients by establishing a company and building the business up to expansion abroad. In addition to these services in tax law, I offer exactly the business analysis and advice that corresponds to the requirements and the situation of a company or Freelancer's.

I want remarks in this connection once again on the cooperation with specialized lawyers and notaries to provide you the solution as perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Tax Law and contracts

The application of the tax law depends on the civil contracts.

Clear contractual provisions and their actual consideration in practice are the best variant for avoiding unnecessary conflicts with the Financial Authority.

To contract negotiations and when exploring the ins and outs of tax structure possibilities I will accompany my clients  according to the requirements.

My small team ensures an efficient and comprehensive analysis and processing of  your requests in connection with an excellent network of specialised lawyers and notaries.


Tax consultant fees must be transparent and comprehensible.

It applies the Legal Tax Consultant Remuneration Regulation (StBVV).

The content do you find on the website of the Chamber of Tax Consultants:

The fee for an initial consultation is according to § 21 Abs. 1 StBVV plus 19% VAT.

In case of complex matters or matters of International Tax Law, the hourly rate is agreed upon individually plus 19% VAT .

I´d be glad to answer any questions related to your case in this area in detail.

For my activities in the context of tax consultancy, accounting, financial statements, payroll accounting , also the business and the start-up consulting of existence of the remuneration are appropriately and created in relation to the expenditure according to the StBVV .


The remuneration paid to a tax advisor are regularly applied in the tax returns as operating expenses or advertising costs, if they determine the different types of income or are in connection with the fulfilment of tax obligations of the business. As a result affects a part of the Tax Consultant Remuneration as tax savings (with max. 51.08%) for you as a private individual.

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